Yesterday, I got a TB screening shot. It didn't really hurt at all which is good because I haven't gotten a shot since I was a kid and I always have my mommy there to hold my hand. The best part, though, was when I walked outside afterward and paused for a brief moment to look at the bump on my arm and this really, really old Hawaiian guy walked by me and goes "You got shot?" and started laughing at me, or really laughing with me because the way he said it was hilarious. (that was a really long sentence!)
Then I had to go around and get a bunch of stuff done: student insurance, student ID card, buy my school books which only cost me about $200 all together, see a council,er about my academic future, eat a delicious hamburger.....ooh, that sounds good right now, and attend some student orientations.
New and transfer students all met in the auditorium and watched a really cheesy video about the honor code. The honor code wasn't cheesy, the music was. And after about 5 minutes of here the same uke strums over and over I thought I was going to punch the old man sleeping in the chair next to me. Once that was over, to my enormous relief, the presidents wife, Sister Wheelwright, stood up and talked about dressing modestly. I'm not going to lie, I was starving, so I sort of zoned out and started thinking about lasagna and....woah, when I typed lasagna, my fingers came to a stand still and I just sat here for a second and thought about my mom's lasagna. I must still be hungry. Anyways, I wasn't really listening until she started talking about leggins'. Yes, leggins'. Not leggings, leggins. Say leggins out loud, five times in a row, and you will quickly realize how hilarious that sounds. And it wasn't like she had a strong southern accent of anything, that's just how she said it, like that was the word. But she made some very good points otherwise.
Listen, I do have more to say, like about going to the beach and having a bonfire, but I'm seriously starving right now. I think I'm gonna go have me some lunch.

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Noelle said...

she must be from rexburg. they don't say their 'ing' in any word. leggin' ha ha.