My Heart Will Go On and On and On and On and On and On and-

Okay, so first of all I just want to say thanks to everyone for commenting on my blogs. Seriously, it makes me feel wonderful to know that I still have some attachments to the mainland and that people are still wanting to know that I'm alive. Thank you for the words of advice and encouragement. They truly, truly mean a lot to me :D
So the truth is, haven't really made any friends yet. I mean, I have but I haven't. I have met a ton and I have hung out with a few of the same people a couple of times but I don't really feel like anything is sticking....if that makes sense. I keep telling myself that I've only been a for a week, that I have plenty of time to make good friends. I still have some classes I haven't gone to and a job to get. Lots of opportunities to meet other people, right? Should I be concerned that I don't have a huge group of new good friends yet? Or is it okay that I keep telling myself that I don't need to be in any huge rush?
I'm hoping now that classes have started and once I get a job (hopefully at the PCC, cross your fingers!!!) I will be to busy to really care about having a million people to be with. Plus, I'm not the kind of person that requires a gajillion people to be around in order to have a good time. I like just have a few wonderful friends and being content with that. But I would by lying if I said I wasn't afraid of not making any friends. I have been trying harder than I normally do, a lot harder. I have put myself out there more than usual, have even started texting people! It's an outrage, this whole texting thing, and it cost me money! But I've been doing it in the name of being sociable.
There are a lot of very obvious niches here. Just gotta find mine.
Oh, and as for the title of this blog, it's a little story about how loud these dorms out. They are LOUD! Maybe that's pretty typical and really I don't mind so much. But when someone is tooting out "My Heart Will Go On" on their trumpet somewhere above me at midnight, I do tend to get a little bit bothered. Granted, they were doing a really good job. I don't know what was worse though:that or another girl who was belting, and I mean belting, out some show tunes last night too. That's something that just bothers me in general, people who sing their hearts out in public. Do you really think everyone wants to hear you? Think again, no matter how good you are. Even though it was a little different since she was in her room and not technically in public but these are dorms. Sounds travels.
Alright, off to English class. Missing home but glad to be out of the snow. I think I'm going to need a list of good things about being here to help me face my sorrows. Next time :)


melissa mae said...

That story about the "you got shot?" guy is awesome! Can't wait to come visit you. and it WILL happen.

Marlena said...

i love that you openly express how you feel about people singing in public. what we all think but never say...

well, i think at least. :)

Noelle said...

for someone who has moved 10 times in 12 years of marriage - i totally get you on the making friends thing. i give myself one year to find ONE good friend. then i still have to get myself out there, do things with people and be all social because you never know when that one friend is going to show up. but giving yourself a year (since you're at college, you might want to try for one semester) it becuase so much less stressful and you just have fun and live it up and if you make a friend - awesome.