Yikes! Spikes!

I suppose I had better post my new years resolutions before the first day of 2008 is over so as not to curse myself or anything.
1. Get in shape! This is the year people! It's do or die time! Survival of the fittest! Now or never! Let's get physical! LET'S GET PHYSICAL BABY!!
2. Make use of all this material I have been hording. I've found a passion for sewing, now I just need to do something about it. Etsy, perhaps?
3. Get amazing grades. I screwed myself over in high school. Now is my time to prove myself to....myself.
4. Study the Book of Mormon.
5. Decided whether or not I will be going on a mission.
6. Be better at paying my tithing.
7. Make a budget and follow the dang thing.
8. Do something I have always wanted to do, but have never been brave enough or had the means to do it. Make it happen baby!
9. Seriously consider and work out the details of a breast cancer oriented business with my sisters.
10. Spend as much time with my family as possible. If the last ten years of straight crapiness in life has taught me anything, it's that my family is the most important thing to me. I am nothing without them and would die if I didn't have them. I don't know how much time I may have with any one of them or all of them, but I am going to make the most of it.
Well, that's it. Wipe your eyes dry and have a great 2008!


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

BRAVO! Great resolutions, I say old chap!

Noelle said...

i love your resolutions. my husband abe has been trying to lose weight. here he is a doctor and he tells his patients every day 'just get out for alteast a half an hour for a walk' so that's what he's doing. he just got home from his walk. what a man. he's also doing my 'sugarfree january' with me. you are not alone in this. i believe it's a universal thing. my friend brought up the fact that abe could make really good money if he not only delivered babies but also did liposuction and tummy tucks at the exact same time. amen brother.