A Step Towards Success

Today I cleaned out my closet. Let me tell you what I did:
First, I got rid of a few items I didn't want anymore or never wear. Then, I tried on every single thing and if it A) was obviously too tight, or B) something I wouldn't be able to wear comfortably in public without having to cover it with a swearshirt, I placed it in a special pile. Let me tell you what I did with this special pile:

I put it all in garbage bags and chucked them into my loft, which can only be reached by ladder or the ability to fly. Now, let me tell you what I will do with these clothes:
In my loft they shall remain until I have reached my goal weight of 160. And then, on the fateful day, I shall find either a ladder or the ability to fly and retrieve them, after which we shall be reunited at last.
As for the clothes that did fit me....well....here's the damage list:
-Out of 45 shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts I kept 17
-Out of 13 pairs of pants/shorts I kept 8, 5 of which are work pants.
-Out of 11 skirts/dresses I kept 6

This is what my closet now looks like:
(Note: Need some hangers? Give me a ring-a-ling!)

Other than that it will motivate me to finally lose the weight, there are two other good things that have come of this:
1) My feet didn't get fat, so I got to keep all my shoes! Woo!
2) I now have plenty of room to store more oxygen. One can never have to much oxygen, as I always say.

So there you have it. My first big (and hopefully successful) step towards a better me! Not only that, but I have a $80 gift card for Target that I am also saving for the 160 mark. And who the freak doesn't love Target?!?

Now, with that taken care of, I would also like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to a pair of very dear friends who are soon to depart from this world. They have been with me through thick and thin, rain and snow and mud and they, more than anyone else, know what's it's like to walk a mile in my shoes. But time has not been good to them, and they are simply falling apart. So it is time for me to just let them go. Farewell....my lacy shoes.

I will never forget you.....


Bree said...

*SOB* I cry a tear for those shoes. They will definitely always hold a special place in my heart. Your closet looks good though. I about wet my pants seeing all those shoes, never thought!

Noelle said...

hi elise. your cousin and sometimes bookstore patron, noelle here. i love this post. my closet looks exactly the same as yours. and my feet did get fatter. hopefully that'll stop. especially since it's cold outside and i can't wear my sandals. hmmm.

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Oh my gosh. That picture of you with your shoes is rad. I want to frame it.

Dear Lovey Heart said...