Unfinished Biznash

Thought I'd blob all of my unfinished projects together, so everyone can oogle at my short comings........wooo!
This was the first bag I ever started. It's pretty typical looking.
This one I believe had lots of potential, and I was really happy with how it was coming out, but it got to this point and I quickly became discouraged. It's supposed to be a teapot and a tea cup....if it's hard to tell.

This one is probably my absolute favorite! I really want to finish it, but being the idiot I am, I didn't use a pattern of any kind and the inside lining (stripey) is a little bit bigger than the outside. So, basically....I don't know what to do with it know, heh.
This one is pretty recent. I found this amazing light purple hounds tooth fabric for sale at my work and I wanted to make something awesome with it. But I couldn't find any matching fabrics to go with it. I chose the blue/green that is on the heart, but I know one else likes it. Anyways....tada.

And then this is what I'm working on right now.I was smart enough to use a pattern this time. I found this amazing website with amazing patterns and material. Amy Butler is brilliant! The one I'm working on is called The Frenchie bag. So cute! Her messenger bag pattern is adorable as well. That will be my next endeavor :)


Aubrey said...

Hey if you finish that one with the blue heart I will buy it from you! I love those colors! You are really talented with those Elise! I mean it, they are so cute and you have such a cute retro style with them. No matter what I do all my style goes back to country cottage - blah! Oh well, cheers to you oh sister of mine!

Aubrey said...

Lee*see, I am in desperate need of a creative crafting night. When can the three of us gather for one?