I challenge you to a duel...

...but we'll get to that later. There is a ton of stuff I need to dump here. Firstly:

Look what I finished!! Woo!It took me about five hours just to sew it together. I'd say I did a pretty good job considering it was basically my first time using a pattern. There is definitely room for improvement.
It comes with a great view.

Ok, next thing. I am basically the pinnacle of stupidity. Why? Let me tell you. Only the pinnacle of stupidity would use a candle warmer with a melted candle on it as a book end. No, yeah, I seriously did. Go ahead, laugh. It is well deserved. Don't ask me what I was thinking. I couldn't tell you. Actually, it was probably something like "I should use this melted jar of candle wax for a book end so that when I knock it over and it spills all over everything I can waste 3 hours of my life cleaning it up!"
Actually, it only took about 45 minutes, which was nothing short of a miracle.

This is the ball of wax that I scraped off the top of my desk. The first thing I did when it spilled was think....well, actually, the first thing I did was use a word that starts with SH and ends with T (if I confess that on my blog, can I skip the bishops interview?). But the second thing I did, was thought "I should run grab my camera and take a picture of this so I can put it on my blog!" Seriously, that is the first thing that went through my head. But my mom came in just then and I worried about what she might think. So I didn't get a good shot of the before shot of my desk. However, this is what the wall behind my desk looked like:
I am glad to say that neither my desk, nor the wall, nor the carpet were stained badly at all. If you look close, you could probably see a little orangey glint. But other than that, it cleaned up great! Also, my room with smell like Apple Cider for quite awhile, I am sure.

So, on to the duel now! I was thinking this would be really funny game of sorts. One person (me) starts off by taking an extremely funny picture of themselves and then everyone (anyone who happens to see this) has to recreate the picture. The first person chooses who they think took the best picture and then that person gets to take the next picture!!! I know alot of our family is on here; sisters, cousins, etc. So I bet I can get a pretty good turn out.
Without further ado.....The First Picture!!

We are obviously not going for beauty here people. Ugly it up and let the games begin!! If you participate, leave a comment :)


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

WOW! that bag is SO stinkin cute! Get your etsy shop up NOW. Okay, look at my version of your picture on our family blog;

Noelle said...

i'm having vain issues at the moment. it might take me a while to get my pride down enough to take a funny shot of myself. yours is priceless. i can't believe you were able to get that wax off your wall. that's what spatulas are for, right?

Dear Lovey Heart said...

looks good flipey......sorry about the candle

Aubrey said...

My version of your picture it done enjoy it at http://aubreyspages.blogspot.com