And The Winner Is....

....Aubrey!! Anyone who can morph their face like that should win a big fatty medal! So, Aubrey, you are next! Let's see some funny faces!
Also, some thanks are in order:
Thank you to the Williams for giving me the gift of 250 pictures instead of only 8.
Thank you to Whitney for giving me socks that have no holes.
And thank you to those of you who have the sense to keep your mouth shut during biology class and not make an annoying comment for everything the teachers says. You are my hero.
Also, I watch Doctor Who. It's pretty good. That's all!

1 comment:

Aubrey said...

I WON! Little me, a winner? WOW! I just don't know what to say? I will post funny face soon! Thank you all! You like me, you really, really like me!