Turd Burgler

Hokay, I have exactly 15 minutes to blog. Because in 15 minutes it will be 1:00 am and I will turn of my laptop and my lamp and snuggle into to bed and drift into dream land.
I tried to save a bird today, but he wouldn't let me. So now I just hope a cat doesn't get him.
Catherine spit Dulce de Poop all over me and Whitney and some of it almost got into my mouth. Then she rolled around my kitchen and laughed about it. Then she stole my hat alot.
I kind of stole a cherry pie from work. I have every intention of paying for it eventually, but I'm thinking that until I do, I technically stole it. But I blame my dad.
Right now I am listening to Don't Feel Like Dancing by the Scissor Sisters and it is pretty much the best song ever.
MY DISNEYLAND PLANS ARE BEING RUINED!!! Why does everything have to get so freaking complicated!? I just want to go and not have to worry about crap. My life is getting sucky.
Im sick of my family. Im sick of getting blamed for everything. Im sick of them being able to make fun of my and point out all of my faults and them calling me sensitive if I get mad, but if I say a single thing about them I am the most horrible person in the world. Im sick of always being everyone release when they are having a bad day. I really do marvel at how they manage to turn things around to be my fault. I just can't catch a break. I think today I realized just why I'm so freaking excited to go away to school. For one, I won't be around to get blamed or picked on or yelled at. That will be a nice chance. Also, maybe they will finally realized that I'm not five years old anymore, that I am indeed an adult. Maybe, just maybe, they may even grow to appreciate me a little. Probably not, but maybe. Yes siree, I truly cannot wait to get away from them for a little while. Not that I don't love my family. They really are my anchor and I would die without them. It's just....time for me to leave the nest. For good. I need to join a Youngest Child support group. I really am just fed up with the good old fam today. I wonder who they will blame when I am gone.
Four minutes left.
I got like a million books from the library. And then I bought a book from work. And then I got a book from the employee library that I've been waiting for for awhile. So now, I have a million and two books to read. It will be interesting to see if I can get all of them read before the due date comes around. I'm reading May Bird and the Ever After right now, and it's creeping me out a little but. We'll see how it gets after a few more chapters.
Also, just a quick update, I'm still working through my Rasmus drummer obsession whose name, I believe, is Aki. I've learned to control it to the point that I haven't been watching any music videos and have dramatically cut down my CD listening time. He still passes across my thoughts on occasion, but I am slowly working towards dropping the habit all together. Wish me luck, dear friends. Fin.

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Dear Lovey Heart said...

dulce de poop!!!

mm it was a hat stealing good time

i am sorry families are lame and i hope things improve in the not too distant future, in the meantime tell them i will come Fleetwood MacMurder them if they aren't nice to you love you peaches and i will miss you!