One is the loneliest number....

I think Whitney is mad at me because I got after her for texting Hans whilst we were hanging out. I don't know, I just think it's kinda rude. I mean, I really like Hans and I'm glad he and Whitney are together and all. I just feel like when he's not around it's like our "girls only" time, and it should remain as such. Even if we're only watching TV. I would expect her to not text me if it was just her and Hans time. Is that so much of me to ask? I just don't want a boyfriend to take over her life....or whatever. Stupid boyfriends. I hate getting on myspace, and this is going to sound so ridiculously shallow of me, but I see these girls I know from school who were just, oh gosh, just stupid. And they have boyfriends!!! They plaster pictures of themselves kissing and cuddling and all that gross stuff on their profiles. And I can't help but think "If they can get a boyfriend.....then what's wrong with me?" I know, lame. Lame-o. But such is life.
Ok, I have an idea for a story that I want to write. I've been bugging myself to type it for a few weeks now and I guess now is as good a time as any. So, it's about a girl whose grandfather dies and leaves her all this money, so she uses it all to move to Scotland (suprise, suprise) and buy herself a little house and a bakery in a tiny, in the middle of nowhere village. Now, this village is very tight-knit and they don't take well to strangers most especially those darn Americans. So when she opens her bakery there, no one goes. They figure that she'll give up eventually and leave them in peace. But she doesn't. She keeps baking the same stuff everyday and opening the doors in hopes that someone will come in. So, while all this is going on, theres a young man of about 15 or 16 whose dad is the "mayor" of whatever of this little town. This young man has been running around with the wrong crowd, getting drunk and not going to school. His parents pride themselves on their high status so they get embarrassed by him and kick him out one night. None of this friends parents will let him stay with them because they know what kind of kid he is. So as he is walking through the town looking for a place too stay, the girl who owns the bakery offers him a place to stay and three square meals a day if he will come work for her. But he has too be up on time for work and do a good job. At first, he just laughs her off and moves on, but after a few nights on his own her offer starts to look good. So he takes it. She doesn't stop him from going out and drinking at night or anything, but she expects him to not be hung over so he can be up early and do well at work. There are a few times when he thinks the whole setup is stupid and leaves, but he gradually begins to realize that this might be his only means of living. So eventually, he starts giving up his habits so he can work and he and the girl become pretty good friends. Now, while all of this is going on, there's a few crazy old men at that regular the pub across the street from the bakery. I imagine them as sitting outside on chairs most all day just drinking and talking about things like crazy old scottish men who have nothing better to do do. And in light of recent events, they mostly just watched this crazy American girl bake everyday, see how no one goes in, and watch her throw everything out that night. So one day, one of the old men decided to actually go try some of her baking, just to see if all her effort has been worth it and actually meet this adamant young woman. So he goes in and buys something and of course she is in shock, but very kind. He takes his treat back across the road to the other crazy old men and they all discover that she is an amazing baker. So now, all the crazy old men regular her bakery. Other people see this and start letting go of prejudices and start buying from her. But there's still those who refuse to support her business. This is taking forever to type just a summary. Ok, so, short story even shorter. The boy who works for her really cleans himself up and is doing good at school, blah, blah, he gets a really great opportunity to go to college or a culinary scholarship or something and the night before he goes, he has one last romp with his buddies and ends up overdosing or dying in a drunk driving accident. His parents completely blame the girl and some of town are behind them, and through all that she has to pull herself together and some other stuff. This summary is lame. But when I think about it in my head it seems like it could be pretty good. I like to imagine myself being able to really capture the crazy old men. I also have a habit of working out certain scenes in my head so I know exactly what it's going to look like, what's going to be said, weather and stuff. But only really specific parts. Too bad I suck at life and writing. Well, maybe one day I'll find the inspiration and time to actually put some words down.
Dee da doo dee dum de da.

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