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Number 1:
Look at this little gem-

Lovers of the flailing arms unite!!!
Number 2:
I had this dream last night about a certain young man I have been snail mailing with. I dreamt that he sent me one last letter before he came home. And when I opened the letter, it wasn't really a letter. It was an invitation to our wedding. Our wedding. His and mine. And I was like....what the crap. There was also a note from his cousin who told me she was really excited for me to be in the family and wanted to now how if I was going to change my last name to Davis or leave it as it is. Yeah.....wierd. His last name is not Davis.
Number 3:
Never call Catherine "Sweetie". She does not appreciate it.

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Dear Lovey Heart said...

he is getting braver by the way...he called me sweetie to my face twice today.

i like your dream by the way it made me happy