This one goes out to Cat

The Rasmus. I'm going to talk about them. They are a pretty swell band from Finland. I heard about them about three years ago online somewhere and checked them out. I was quite taken with them, which is odd because they are really my normal slice of cake. I guess you could call them my guilty pleasure. Anyways, I recently dusted off their "Dead Letters" Cd that has been in the back of my case for awhile. I was like "Hey, these guys are still pretty swell. I'm going to check them out on YouTube and see if they have any killer music videos." So I did. And they do have some killer music videos, most especially one of their earlier pieces entitled "Chill". View here. Yes, my friends. Feel the boy-bandness flow. Lucky for them, they later abandoned all of this sillyness, and moved on too a far more "hard-core" style, which I prefer.
So, as I was watching their "In the Shadows" video, I found myself highly attracted to the drummer. One, because I think he has nice arms. Two, because he flails his arms around very attractively. And three, because the drum part in that song freaking rocks. Then suddenly, against my will, I found myself thinking about this drummer guy through out the day at random intervals. And I was like....what the crap. It's really annoying. But I can't help this feeling I have inside! It's a new sensation that I have yet to explore. Some may call it lust, but I think it runs deeper than that. So, until I can discover the root of this whole problem, I'm just going to have to keep watching The Rasmus music videos and console myself with his flailing arms of desire.

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