It Aint Easy Bein' Green

Well...maybe it is :) Green is my favorite color, after all. So here's a whole post about it!


Hand-made eel skin heels in perfect condition = Probably a ridiculous amount of money
Finding them at the DI for $6= Priceless.....well, $6, but you know what I mean :)

(they look sort of blue in this picture but I assure you they are green!)

This lantern is actually from when Aubrey and I were visiting Melissa in AZ and we had a little craft day! Modeled here with Winnie the dog.


Ugly old plaque from after Christmas Sale + ribbon + green fabric remnant + two buttons from the button box + glue + brown paint + earrings =

(eww, my walls need to be re-painted.)


And now, in honor the color green, I will Google picture search the word "green" and find an awesome picture to share:

Aww, Herbie. Going green to save the environment!


melissa mae said...

I love those heels! I love the D.I. And that earring board is so cute.

Aubrey said...

Green, green the musical fruit the more you.....wait, that doesn't sounds right?