I'm Alive

I just don't show it on my blog lately. Unfortunately, this means I have a ridiculous amount of stories/projects/pictures/other junk to put up eventually. I guess better late than never. Since I'm doing this at two in the morning (oh, typical Elise) I will do two updates and call it a night....morning?
- I got a puppy :D Her name is Winnifred, but we call her Winnie. Unless she's in trouble and then we give her the full name treatment. Pictures!

Don't worry. I've already done a number of photoshoots with her to put up later that are so cute it will make your eyeballs want to pop out :) I'm becoming one of those crazy dog people.

- Within one week I've decided to do two things that before, I never had any desire to do : major in English and do so while attending BYU (Hawaii or Idaho). At first, I was pretty sure I was going to major in Biology or a field therein but there was always this little nagging thought in the back of my head about the whole thing. I wanted to be a vet tech but I was discouraged about that pretty much from the beginning due to the fact that I'm allergic to most animals. Then one day, last week, I started thinking about being a book editor since I love books and think it would amazing to be part of the whole publishing process. Turns out, English is a pretty important skill to have if you want to read and edit books. Who would have thought? I never, never, wanted to major in English though, for two reasons : first, pretty much everyone I know and their dogs are majoring in English. And second, you have to write sooooooo many papers and the task seems daunting. Oh, and third...my English skills aren't exactly the most polished as it is. But I really feel good about the book editor thing and I think I could tough it out. As far as going to BYU, after researching other colleges in Utah, it just seemed to have what I was looking for in an English department (there is a particularly convincing video on the BYU Idaho website that was basically the icing on the cake for me). So come the end of summer, I will be applying for BYU Idaho and BYU Hawaii because a) either way, I get to live somewhere different and b) there is no way I could make it into BYU Provo. Hopefully, I get accepted to one. It will be a much needed adventure in my dreary life. Until then, I'm going to be getting a second job (probably waitressing, bleh) to pay for said adventure because I love Deseret Book but, hey, it doesn't exactly pay me the big bucks.
That's all for now, two people that still read my blog! Thanks for staying tuned!


Noelle said...

i'm really excited for your adventure. it will deffinately be worth it. writing papers is so daunting but like abe told me during our stint in english 101, just start writing and dont stop until you are done and THEN go back and fix it. it works.
ricks ROCKS. but then again i don't know if i'd say no to living in hawaii. :) good luck. i will be watching closely to see what is going. glad you're back (for now) and your dog is soooooo cute. just please, no outfits. OK?

Aubrey said...

You are baaaaaaaack! Hurrah! I already knew all this stuff, but hurray for you once again dear sister. You will be awesome as a student in Hawaii :) :) Seriously Elise you are so talented and have such a good head on your bottom...er shoulders - I was just telling Mom this the other day - you will be great at anything you put your mind to. For realsies! And I concur with our dear cuz, NO OUTFITS!

Lauren Rawlings said...

Hey, that sounds like a great plan! I wish I had something fun to look forward to in my life.

melissa mae said...

I can't wait for your adventures. you'll have sooo much fun and it'll be totally worth all the saving up and stuff.!!!

Chantelle Petersen: said...

i read your blog so i think there are like atleast 5. :)

Deddy said...

Everyone needs to know that all the pictures and things are cute..however,my daughter has managed to get a grip on a very tuff subject...one that is known to be among the hardest to even pass at the college level...Chemistry!!!
I have a minor in Chemistry and cannot even remember how to draw a Benzene ring!!! As I have tried to study/review/help her..I have not done too well!! She has studied her buns and is doing fantastic..I am so proud of her efforts and results..you are an amazing person my little caboose!!

Deddy said...

"she has studied her buns and is doing fantastic" is that funny or what....in your mind, insert the word "off" between buns & and....I will not hear the "end" of this!!...Pun intended!!!