If You Have Any Love...

....in your heart for me, you will sign this petition:

I hear you ask me, "Why Elise? Why should I sign this petition for a show I have never seen?" (I'm going to assume none of you have seen it, ergo, it is being canceled) Well, I will tell you why. Because I am sick of TV people getting rid of intelligent shows and this just happens to be one of them. Seriously, television is nothing but crap shows these days, save for a few gems that have been given enough air time and publicity to give people a chance to realize that they are worth watching. All these so called "reality" shows are sucking the brains out of late night TV watchers all around the world.
'The Unusuals', if you haven't watched it yet, is amazing. Funny, creative, smart, original, and more importantly, has great characters. I'm serious, if you haven't watched it, go to ABC.com and watch all the episodes. You won't be sorry. Unless you absolutely hate cop shows with a passion beyond reconciliation. Do it. DO IT! And then sign the petition and then make everyone in the world you know sign it. Because I seriously might just cry myself to sleep for the rest of my life if it gets canceled. If you haven't realized it yet, I am very serious about this post. Seriously. Seriously people. Do it. Thank you for your time.

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Melissa said...

I signed it for you because I too am sick of my favorite shows being canceled because they are too "different" Pushing Daisies I miss you so much!!!!