Scotland, aye!!!

Listen people, I've been wanting to go to Scotland since I was in elementary school. I'm 21 and I've done nothing exciting in my life but no more. NO MORE I TELL YOU! I'm going to Scotland and I'm going to enjoy it dang it! So I was all like "Hey, Expedia.com, how much would you charge me if I went to Scotland for two weeks in nine months?" and Expedia.com was like "Eh....around $1600" and I was like "Ok...I can do that eventually." So anyways, I was all like saving up and stuff and then last night I got on re-check the price, only this time I put in 4 people instead of just 1 and Expedia.com was all "Hey! Did you know that if you went to Scotland for two weeks in nine months with four people and you shared a hotel room, it would only cost $1200 each?" and I was like WHAT?!?! NO WAY!! So here's the deal:
If you want to come with me in about a year and half to two years (I need to save up about $2000 for the whole thing) then you can totally come with me. Seriously, please do. I'll go by myself if I have to but company is always welcome *pokes Noel* But you have to commit people! Because in order to get the cheapest price we have to pay quite a bit ahead. Like....7-9 months I'd say, which is why I won't be going to almost two years. But the point is that I'm going. GOING!! And nothing is going to stop me!! I've waited too long to do something truly awesome. Just think about it and let me know, any of you...anyone who reads this blog. Let me give you a small taste of what it will be like:

And getting to pet one of these is definitley on the itinerary


And with any luck, we might just run into one of these dashing laddies:

But hopefully not this guy

Or this guy...

Or this guy....unless you're totally into that kind of thing....

But we can't go to crazy because I've never seen any "What happens in Scotland, stays in Scotland" commercials.

And if it makes you feel any better, I don't expect anyone to partake of one of these (unless you really really want to):

So there you have it people. Kilts and adventure await you! Let me know if you're down and I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on info and whatnot. WOOOOO!!!


Melissa Mae said...

I am SO there, situations permitting, of course :)

Noelle said...

ok, what if we do the peterson girls plus a leishman? talk about a girls night out! oh man, this sounds so amazing. the other thing to look into is youth hostels. rooms with a bunch of bunk beds - usually less than $100 a night. just FYI. might get some funky people in your bunk room with you but isn't that part of he adenture? :) yummy

Melissa said...

If you can promise me that I will get to meet James McAvoy I am so there!