Cupcakes :)

I just wanted to share how excited I am about a great opportunity that has arisen for me! I bought this super cute cupcake purse pattern from work that only requires three fat quarters to make. I made two for my cute little nieces for Christmas and they came out so darn cute! (I regret that I didn't take any pictures) Anyways, I thought that they might be a bit of a hit to sell on Etsy but of course I don't own the pattern. So I emailed the lady who made it, just to see what she would say since I didn't see any copyright information on the pattern. Low and behold, she said I could sell them as long as I didn't mass produce them. "Anything you can make on your sewing machine" were her exact words :) I am so excited because they are really adorable! I already have six of them cut out, just to see if they really will sell or not. Wish me luck!!

PS- Aubs or Melissa, if you guys think of it, will you take some pictures of Caitlyn and Mae with their purses for me?

PPS- Here is Penny Sturges' site, please visit! I owe her :D Quilts Illustrated


Aubrey said...

HURRAH! I can't wait to see what you create...cupcake wise! I will take some pictures later today and send them your way for sure!

Mels said...

Good Idea!! You are so clever... and crafty! Hey remember how you were going to make me a purse? Whatever happened to that eh? Well doesn't matter you have a purse business to run now! Good luck!

Noelle said...

you must let us all know your etsy site as soon as you get it all together. atleast the ones already on here can put a button on our blogs and there is at least a hundred people who'd see it.
man, that cupcake looks so good. mmmmm. but i know it looks better than it tastes...rigth? RIGHT?
hey - i saw your dr. who guy on Top Gear the other night. he's a lot cuter in person than on the show. you should youtube it.

Melissa Mae said...

I'm so glad your doing it! I absolutely LOVE those cupcake purses you made for Mae and Caitlyn. I'll get a picture for you asap!