Please Hold While Your Party is Reached...

Elise: *needs to make an urgent call. Picks up phone*
*bleep bleep, bloop bloop, bleep bleep, bloop
Elise: Come on, pick up!
Elise: Argh!
Phone: *click*
Elise: Finally!
Phone: "Hi! Sorry I didn't answer my phone! Leave a message!".....
Elise: *needs to make this quick*
Elise:......some time today.......
Phone: "The person you are trying to reach is not available.
Record your message after the tone.
To send a numeric page, press five."
Elise: All I want to do is leave a message! Come on already!
Phone: "When you are finished recording hang up."
Elise: Oh, is that what you do?
Phone: "Or for delivery options press pound."
Elise: Delivery?! What am I going to deliver over the phone?
Phone: "For take out or delivery, press 2"
Phone: "For movie times, press 3.
If you want to purchase livestock, please press 4."
To vote for your favorite contestant, press 5.
To speak to a representative, please press 6,
but no one is going to answer.
To listen to a very boring political speech, press 7.
If you wish to have your phone self-destruct, please press 8.
To renew your subscription, press 9,
or press 1 to hear your options again.
You may now start your message."
Elise: Curse you, phone company!!!

Ok, so this doesn't exactly happen like this every time. But it comes close! It takes five minutes just to leave a freaking message on someones phone! And who actually even uses those other options?! What is this world coming to?


Noelle said...

i feel like this every time i want to leave a message on a cell phone. seriously, who 'PAGES' people anymore?

Aubrey said...

This is great Elise! I think from now on I will answer the phone when you call, who knew the anger that would ensue!