Hawaii Memory #1

Due to my own laziness, I barely blogged at all during the year I was in Hawaii. Thank goodness a day doesn't go by that I don't recall some wonderful memory. But as I come upon my one year mark of being back from paradise, I'm starting to worry that my memories will fade.
Therefore, my dear readers, you few....you lucky few.....will have to bear with me as I unload these stories as they come to me. Because I never want to forget! Most of them probably won't mean anything to anyone. But they mean the world me! So here we go!

It was the end of spring term, I believe, and Millie and Charli were getting their room cleaned out. They were both moving into single rooms (lucky ducks) and Charli was vacuuming behind her bed. I remember Millie and I were either in the bathroom or just out in the hall but Charli started yelling. She had apparently sucked something up into the vacuum. We spent forever trying to figure out how to get it out and in the end it turned out to be a sock. One of Millie's Madagascar socks, if I remember correctly. I have a distinct memory of her joyfully calling out the character's name after we freed it, like she had found a long lost friend :)


Catherine said...

I miss Millie's obsession with Madagascar!

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