Moving On

So I haven't posted here in awhile. In fact, it's going on almost a year. I think I haven't posted mainly because Hawaii was such an adventure. It was the best time of my life. But I went to Hawaii because I needed a change. A big one. The problem is, I came straight back to my life before Hawaii. Living at my parents, working at Deseret Book, and not knowing what the heck I'm going to do with my life.
In defense of my current situation, I love working at in Mormon Handicraft and school is expensive.

This guy knows what I'm talking about.
Hawaii was my "new life" and I have definitely changed in many ways since I lived there. And my eight and a half months home haven't been entirely without merit. However, I have reached the point where I am ready for....


I have already made a few changes in anticipation of New Life v 2.0. These include:
-Choosing a major. Communications with an emphasis in advertising was calling my name! That, and I couldn't get into my first program of choice because almost every major at BYU is limited enrollment. I am pretty satisfied with this choice though.
I am currently attending classes at the BYU Downtown Center. I have to pass my three classes in order to apply, and if I get accepted (finger's crossed) I will be moving down to Provo in January.
-Eating healthy. While visiting my lovely sister Aubrey, we were talking about getting in shape. I had a smallish epiphany. It was this: I needed to get my eating under control before I got my exercising under control. I am proud to announce that this past week I proved to myself that I could totally follow a healthy regimen and still be satisfied. This is what I followed:

(courtesy of here!)
With some tweaks here and there...I don't like fish and don't really care for yogurt. But I followed it! I'm going to get my final weight loss for the week tomorrow but as of Wednesday, I had lost 3 pounds :) That's with no exercise, by the way!
-Making better use of my time. I spend ridiculous amounts of time of the computer. The results I see, are mostly unfortunate. I used to read books constantly. Now, I'm lucky if I finish two or three a year. This became unacceptable me not long ago (and not soon enough). So lately, I have been cultivating my other interests. Mostly sewing and crafting :) My biggest feat was doing and Extreme Room Makeover for my mom. I have found a wonderful passion for being creative. In order to document my doings, I started a new blog for my Sewing, crafts, ect called "Sewciety Girl". Do you see how "sew" is part of the title!?! I love it!! I haven't posted yet, but I will soon. Keep an eye on it!
Sewciety Girl

I hope these choices will lead me to a happier life. And I demand happiness!! So on that note, I promise I will try, very very hard, to chronicle my life better than I have the past year. Because, you know....so many of you care ;) And to start things off, here is something that makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy:

The earth revolves around the sun.
Water freezes at 32•F.
What goes up must come down.
Martin Freeman is Bilbo Baggins.


melissa mae said...

We care! I care! I'm really proud of you, Leeser! You are an amazing woman with so many talents and I'm excited to see where they will take you :)

Noelle said...

awesome plans! the only way i was able to get my eating under control was by using www.myfitnesspal.com when i started adding up how much two dozen cookies are and it tells me how much weight i'd gain if i did eat that - wowwy wow wow! it makes me think about what i put in my mouth. my sister stephanie and i are friends on there and can see what each other is eating. it's hilarious and scary all at the same time. :)