We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for admission to Brigham Young University-Hawaii. You have shown that you are academically prepared, and committed to upholding the high standards of this university.

We look forward to having you assist in our prophetic mission: preparing graduates whose "influence will be felt for good toward the establishment of peace internationally."

You will receive in the mail a specific acceptance letter; along with forms and instructions needed to complete all the tasks required before you arrive. Please look for this correspondence from the university. We look forward to having you on campus.

Thanks everyone for the support :) Really, I'm doing this for everyone. I want you all to come visit me!!!


melissa mae said...

RAD RAD RAD. I can't wait for you to go, although I shall miss you so much :( I'm so excited for you to experience that. I feel like I'M the one going. And for sure we'll come visit you. I'll round up a bunch of advice and such from those that I know that went there and are from there.

Noelle said...

uh..you better watch out saying that. we envited everyone to come visit us in anacortes and in the 90 days we've lived here, we have had visitors for 47 of those days. :)
i'll be excited to come visit you in hawaii (which i've never been to) with all of my kids in your dorm room. ha ha. just kidding.
hopefully you don't like milk since i hear it's the most expensive thing to buy.
what are you going to study?

Megan said...

Ohmygosh! I am so excited for you. I cannot believe how exciting this is. Way to go Daaaahling!

Angie said...

So exciting, although I'm going to miss you at the store. Did you know that when you sign up with DB you sign over your soul? It's true, and that's a comfort to me because it means that those who leave us never really leave us.