Works In Progress

Oh hey, it's been awhile. I've been working on a few things and as usual, they are not finished and probably never will be! But here they are anyways.

This is supposed to end up a pillow of some sorts. I got the idea from a quilt that I saw at work.

This is what the heart part looks like. The little squares are poofy!!

The blue leaves are appliqued on, not part of the fabric. This part was fun to make!
And then this is a dress I decided to make on a whim. I didn't have a pattern of any kind. I just looked at this one dress I bought awhile ago and eyeballed the sucker. The thing is.....I am totally not this skinny! I pinned it to the mannequin a little tighter, what I wished it look like heh heh. Anyways, when it's done (if it ever gets done) it's going to have a lace cover and a belt of some sort. I dunno. Just making it up as I go! Yay!


Aubrey said...

Those are so cute! You're so talented!

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Okay, you just really need to do an etsy shop. I'm serious. Those are so incredible!

Noelle said...

wowzuh. you are good. i really love that pillow case with the leaves. and the dress. oh my gosh. red carpet worthy for sure. and i love that you are able to just see somethiing like the quilt pillow case and make it. wow.