A Peterson Family Thanksgiving

This is our first Thanksgiving without Melissa, Tom, and Mae. The feeling that someone was missing was worse than ever! While we're all grateful and happy that they have this opportunity to live there and have Tom go to school, we sure miss them. So here is my mini documentary I made for them so they can imagine what it would have been like to be here :)

We open scene one with a view of the thanksgiving munchies.

I ate most of the cheeseball.

Some people weren't to happy about it!

Poor Curtis was really sick, so we will excuse him from further pictures.

Playing the spaghetti game.

"Funny Face" picture.

Feast preparations begin!


Bacon = <3 For my feast contribution.

My contribution: Saint Nick's Beans from the Lion House Christmas Cookbook.

Mom makes potatoes.

Mom eats potatoes.

Caitlyn and gramps, snuggling and watching A Muppet Christmas Caroll.

Aubrey's amazing last minute table decorations. It was beautiful!

The oncoming storm.

Aaron's "skilled turkey-carver" face.

Dad's "skilled turkey-eater" face.

Volcano Lightturkey and Mount Darkturkey

Someone is missing!!

Mom and Dad, reigning over their Thanksgiving feast.

Turkey Time!!!

Catching Caitlyn under the table, tickling toes.

The Grand Finale Closing Concert for Peterson Thanksgiving '08, featuring Wally Peterson on piano and Caitlyn Williams doing everything else!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Peterson Family!


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Thanks soooo much for doing that. Seriously, I'm so happy you put that together. I really missed you guys today. That picture of you and Aubrey and the caption "someones missing" made me tear up. Ahh....shucks

Aubrey said...

We sure did miss those crazy Johnsons!! But it was still a nice day....we made the best with what we had!!!