Junk Junk Junkitty Junkerson

  • So, when I said that 'The Host' was a monster of a book, I was serious. It is huge and the text is teeny. It may take me a few years to get through. Which, hey, is totally fine! No complaints here! Give me a good book any day.

  • After months of internal debate, I finally caved and bought these lovelies:
    Yes my friends, a pair of size 7 1/2 red Airwalk Canvas Kicks are about to be in my possession. And you had better believe I was inspired by Doctor Who. No, they may not be the same brand, but I feel in my deepest soul that they carry the same spirit. The best part is that Melanie bought a pair of corresponding pink ones. Why would she do that? Well, that brings me to my next point.

  • I believe that I may or may be single handedly responsible for the conversion of most of Utah to the wonderful world of Doctor Who. Perhaps Mr Tennant will fly out here to thankme himself? One can only hope.

  • I wish to publicly humiliate myself so that I might inspire myself to be a little bit better: I took three classes last term, my first classes since I graduated from High School. And I got all B's. Well, B+ in my bio class, but a B none the less. I feel like a failure. I couldn't have gotten even just one little A?

  • Now, I will set aside my calm and sophisticated air to shamelessly rant: The Twilight movie is going to be the most horrible thing ever in the history of horrible things!!! Have you seen the trailer?! It looks terrible! The girl who plays Bella has always bugged me. She is going to destroy the character and all that is good about her! The only possibley good thing about it is the guy who is playing Edward. He is semi-attractive. Other then that.....I'm pretty sure I will only go see this after some intense convincing from Catherine, who I'm sure wants to go see it regardless. Freaking freaking hollywood.

  • I've realized that I really like using pictures in my posts. They certianly brighten the place up.

    • Speaking of pictures, I'm sure most everyone knows of the Lolcats or I Can Has Cheezburger cat picture thingies. Melissa and I spent one night going through most of them and even though most of them were pretty stupid, for some reason this one makes my laugh everytime I see it:I feel for you cat. Those insane women and their insufferable homey decorations. Sticks in a jar; truly a masterpiece for the ages. And perfectly good candy corn down the drain.

    Well, that's all from me. Have a wonderful day!


    Aubrey said...

    I love your junk junk junkitty post, what wonderful wonders might you come up with next! LOOOOVE IT!!!

    grkgrl88 said...

    Hi, I came across your post while I was looking up Airwalk and Doctor Who and trying to find a connection between the two.

    I recently got in to Doctor Who, and I absolutely love it! Went looking for a new pair of shoes yesterday and ended up getting a pair of black Airwalk Canvas Kicks because they reminded me of Doctor Who. :)