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...if you are buying something, whether it be food or shoes or a movie (but mostly food) do not ask someone who works at wherever you are making a purchase if your something is good. "Is this movie good?" "Are these shoes cute?" "Are these rolls good?" Here's the thing: no matter if the person you are asking thinks the movie is the worst thing ever made, the shoes the ugliest things on the planet, or the rolls the most vomit worthy creation, IT IS THEIR JOB TO SELL YOU THEM ANYWAYS!!! That's what we do in retail! Sell you things! Regardless of what we think! Seriously, if you ask me if the chicken salad is good, I'm probably going to say something like "Yes! It is amazing!" Why? Because if my manager heard me say "You know, you really would be better off getting something else. Actually, you really would be better of GOING somewhere else" then I would lose my job. Because I would have lost that sale. So if you want an opinion, ask what they think is the best movie/shoe/food is. Because then we can answer truthfully. Really, you should just know that though.

After these messages, we'll be right back!-

And now back to our program!-

Something else that customers do lately that I have taken notice of is that they will tell me what they would like and then say "So how much is that going to be?" before I even have a chance to aim my fingers towards the register. Normally, this really wouldn't annoy me, except that it seems to be happening more often than not. No matter where you shop, I promise you, whoever is ringing you up is going to tell you how much it is going to cost. I promise! You really don't need to ask because they are going to tell you anyways. They have to get it all in the computer and add the tax before they have any idea of the overall price anyways, so just be patient!! Also, unless they just hand you your stuff and are obviously not going to give you a bag, don't ask for one. Give us two seconds to finish the transaction or grab the reciept before we have a free hand to even get a bag. We aren't going to forget! So please give us some credit for working in retail and just assume that we have probably been trained to tell you how much you owe and give you bag. Don't get your expensive track pants in a twist.

Tune in next week for "Elise rants about old people driving really slowly and coming into her lane without signaling and then having the gull to smile at her when she drives by looking at them angrily!!!!"

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Aubrey said...

Okay, so this post had me laughing so hard! Also, that picture looks like Liss when she was little, or Mummy! CRAZY!