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I've come to the conclusion that it's very hard to start one of these. Where do I begin? Do I just start with what happened to me today? Should I discuss a subject that I'm very passionate about? Should I just ramble on about nothingness or tell my life story? I just don't know. I do know that my laptop battery is running low, so whatever I type, I'd better do it fast. Maybe I'll try a little bit of each.
What did I do today:
I woke up at 10, which lately is early for me. I missed church to finish my mom's Mothers Day gift, and I feel guilty about it. I cleaned off the deck chairs and put a tablecloth on the table. I said hi to my grandma. I wrapped my mom's present with some awesome tartan wrapping paper I found in the garage. I plan on hiding the rest of it under my bed for my own personal use. Then the fam all came over and we had hot dogs and lemon coconut cake. Presents were opened, pictures were taken, yadda yadda. Then everyone dispersed back too their respective places of residence. I ate another hot dog against my better judgment, climbed into the bath and read some of my book, drank some water, had Aaron fix my laptop, then I made this blog.
Now, something I am passionate about: I am very passionate about becoming a biologist of some kind. I like learning about how living things.....well, live. I love animals and would love nothing more that to dedicate my life to making the world a better place for them. I went to Seaworld as a kid, and for whatever reason, I fell in love with the manatees. I vowed to one day make some effort to pull them off the endangered animals list. And I still hold to that vow. Even if that means making marine biology my major, taking years to reach a level where I'll be able to work about manatees, and overcoming my fear of water. So, when someone tells me that they think I'm horrible for wanting to become a biologist simply because it may entail dissecting animals to learn about their anatomy and placing animals in any kind of captivity, no matter the reason, I'm going to get a little miffed. It's just blind ignorance! How could I possibly attend to a sick animal if I don't know how it's body works?! And sometimes, animals have to be put in captivity for their own good. Just as long as their environment is acceptable and safe, I see no harm. Get over yourself.
Time for rambling. I think I may prove to be good at this. Let's see....my head hurts a little bit. I think it's from laying in the tub so much recently. That's what happens when I find a good book. I like reading in the tub. My mom tells me I'll drown though. But don't worry. I wont. I hope my head ache won't keep me awake. I do rather like sleeping well. It's good for me. I hope there are some bananas in the kitchen tomorrow. I like eating bananas for breakfast. They make my flax seed cereal taste much better. But this family goes through bananas pretty fast. I might have to start buying my own and hiding them. At least no one eats my alfalfa sprouts. That would suck. I should probably clean out Tony's tank before it starts getting murky in there. He acts so weird in his new tank. It's so much bigger than his last one. I think he's letting it get to his head because he's become much more cocky than usual. And his eating habits have changed. I hope he doesn't die. I've grown quite fond of little Tony.
Alright, well, this is the part where I'm supposed to tell my life story, but honestly, I don't feel like it. As I said in my ramblings, my head hurts. Plus, my battery is close to death. Besides, my life is not that interesting. I was born, I did some stuff, grew up, did some more stuff, and now I have a job and do stuff when I'm not working. Will I keep working and go on doing stuff? Only time will tell. Until then, adieu.

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